My Week’s Best Reads – June 10

  • Pursuing the Right Goals (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • This is the Secret to Keeping Secrets (Fast Company)
  • Why IQ Matters More than Grit (Vox)
  • Sol Price on Becoming Your Customer’s Best Friend (Farnam Street)  “…if you want to be successful in retail, just put yourself in the place of a cranky, demanding customer”!
  • The Value of Grey Thinking (Farnam Street)
  • The Evolution of Talent (James Altucher)
  • The Spanish Town that Runs on Twitter (NY Times)
  • Your Definitive Guide to Silicon Valley’s Bizarre Politics (Wired)
  • Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying Car Factories (Bloomberg)

My Week’s Best Reading – June 4

  • Warren Buffett Helps Tackle The Age-Old Question: ‘What Makes A Financial Bubble?’ (Forbes)
  • Why You Can’t Get a Ticket to the NBA Finals . . .and every other major event on the planet. This is a fan’s guide to why you’re totally screwed. (The Ringer)
  • Young people should consider moving to these affordable “18-hour cities” to start their careers (Business Insider)
  • Dog Intelligence and What It Can Tell Us About Our Own Intelligence (Scientific American)
  • Why Employers Have Lost the Upper Hand (Strategy + Business)
  • Ben Franklin and the Ills and Virtues of Pursuing Luxury (Farnam Street)